Steam Cleaner vs Carpet Cleaner – Here is the Cheat

Steam Cleaner vs Carpet Cleaner

Cleaning becomes a lot easier when the best tool is used. But many reviewers have claimed that one can be used instead of the other. This has caused the tag “steam cleaner vs carpet cleaner”. That’s why this article is well researched, scrutinized and spun in order to provide our amiable readers with the best tool that they can use.

Steam cleaners are far different from carpet cleaners, and there use are a world apart. Steam cleaners are cleaning machines that are used to soften hard stains. Although there’re two types of steam cleaners, yet they are used basically for hardened surfaces.

On the other hand, the carpet cleaners are used for removing fresh stains. “That is, it’s awkward to use one instead of the other, right?” I guess this might be your thought, but that is not true. The cleaners are all workable on surfaces, but one seems to be more effective than the other.

The steam cleaners come with designs that makes it the prime on some surfaces such as tiles and concrete while carpet cleaners have designs that make them the ultimate for surfaces like rug and upholstery.

However, it might be hard to some extent, especially to newbies, as they both possess share some qualities together. The steam cleaners use water for its operation, likewise does carpet cleaners use water also. In fact, none of the systems is capable of making spot wet.

However, this article is committed to enlightening our amiable readers on the best cleaning tool they can use. Here are what to consider:

8 Things to Consider about Steam Cleaner vs Carpet Cleaner:

1. Design

The designs of the both are just distinct. Steam cleaners are designed in a way that they can be used on horizontal, vertical and slant surfaces, while the other can be used majorly on horizontal surfaces and partially on vertical and slant surfaces. Let’s consider this in an explanatory way.

Carpet Cleaners

Steam Cleaner

  1. This has two tanks, the first is storage tank while the second is recovery tank.
This has one tank
  1. There is always brush at the beneath of the cleaners
There is no brush but rather there are jet nozzle or trigger at the end of the hose
  1. This has sprayer
This doesn’t has sprayer but hose
  1. Soap has to be added before one can use it effectively
No chemical is required in the use of this product
  1. It’s mostly lightweight
This can either be lightweight or bulky

2. Uses

These machines are awesome in their own ways. They work perfectly where they fit. But how can one know the kind of surfaces each is best for? Here are some tips that can help out:

Carpet Cleaner Steam Cleaner
Upholstery Yes Yes
Rug Yes Yes
Carpet Yes Yes
Removing of grouts No Yes
Removing of stains Yes Yes
Removing of hard stains No Yes
De-greasing No Yes
Removing of Glue No Yes
Sanitization No Yes
Tiles No Yes
Concrete Floor No Yes

Please note that steam cleaners can be used for cleaning upholstery, rug, and carpet but it won’t be as effective as using a carpet cleaner. The reason is that carpet cleaner will clean it and create a nice smell but steam cleaner won’t do the same.

3. Cost

The price of the both are nice depending on what you want. But to be candid, steam cleaners are more costly. There is no steam cleaner that its cost is less than $50. The reason is that some carpet cleaners are cordless while some have a power cord, but steam cleaners are corded.

Also, steam cleaners come with accessories but carpet cleaners don’t. However, both cleaning machines are recommendable for homes as they help users to prevent stains.

4. Packages

Packages are what entices buyers to procuring a product. In fact, it indicates the level of comfort that prospective users tend to enjoy while using the product.

Of course, they both come with packages, but the steam cleaner’s packages are always more than the package that comes with carpet cleaner.

In other words, you tend to enjoy more packages if you purchase steam cleaners than carpet cleaners. The reason is that you tend to use this for several kinds of surfaces than carpet cleaners. In fact, with this (steam cleaner) accessories you can work on clumsy, tight and shapeless surfaces.

5. Comfort

Of course, everyone needs to be absolutely comfortable while working. It prevents Irksome while working. And this is the ultimate feature that every customer hanker for. Here will be considering some features that determine users’ comfort and know if they are incorporated into the production of each of this products.

Steam Cleaners Carpet Cleaners
Power Corded/Cordless This is power corded Some are power corded and some are not.
Battery No battery is required Removable Batteries and rechargeable batteries
Luggable Most products have handles and wheels Most products have handle but no wheels
Noise More noisy Less noisy
Heating Water heats pretty fast No heating is required

6. Performance

Carpet cleaners are charged for a long period before they can be used. In fact, it can only be used for few minutes before it shuts down.

But steam cleaners only take few minutes before the heat up the liquid in the tank and once that’s done, then you start using it. Another thing is that steam cleaners conserve battery for a longer period than carpet cleaners.

i) How to Use Carpet Cleaner on Stain Spots

  • Spray water from the storage tank on the spot
  • Apply the soap
  • Scrub the spot with the brush underneath the cleaning machine
  • Suction the wet spot until it becomes dampened
  • Once this is done, the spot becomes clean and dry

ii) How to Use Steam Cleaners on Stain spot

  • Be sure that the water is heated
  • Spray it on the spot
  • Use the tools in the accessories to properly clean the spot.

7. Dependability

These products are superb when it comes to their use. When it comes to how dependable a product is, we’re indirectly making emphasis on the versatility of the product. Of course, steam cleaners are versatile as they can be used as a sanitizer.

In fact, the accessories that come with steam cleaners are basically great for indoor and outdoor use. It doesn’t use batteries so one doesn’t have to be bothered about the quality of batteries that it uses.

However, if you’re going for the purchase of carpet cleaners, then you should go for those that use quality batteries.

8. Make Your Choice

This article makes sure that it’s neither condemning nor commending any of the products. However, this is brought to you so that you can effectively choose the one that will fit your budget.

Of course, carpet cleaners can easily fit any budget, but there’re some steam cleaners that you procure less than $100. It’s advisable to choose steam cleaners for multi-purpose use, and carpet cleaner for definite uses.

Many purchase carpet cleaner because it’s easy to set up, unlike the steam cleaner. And steam cleaner needs an electric power supply so that it can function while carpet cleaner can be used without power supply.

Final Verdict

The steam cleaner vs carpet cleaner is well explained in this article. This article can be used effectively in choosing the machine that will be more profitable for an individual.

The article draws the uniqueness of both products. So, we hope our amiable readers can confidently decide on the product that is better. This article is reliable for all the information that you need to know about these products.

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