PurSteam Handheld Pressurized Steam Cleaner Review

PurSteam Handheld Pressurized Steam Cleaner ReviewAre you searching for a steam cleaner that you can present as a gift? Perhaps you need a pressurized steam cleaner that is lightweight and super dependable.

If yes! Then the PurSteam handheld pressurized steam cleaner review is capable to provide you with all the information needed to procure the product with these similar features that you hanker for.

This product heats pretty fast and it sprays warm water in a quality quantity for the easy wiping off of dirt. The purchase of this product covers other extra expenses as it comes with nine packages.

In fact, with the instruction book, you can easily know the best way to assemble and disassemble the steam cleaner. The handheld brush is portable and awesome for use. What will interest you is its potency in the cleaning of grout, grimes, and dirty surfaces.

With this product, the crevices of your home will become completely clean. Also, it’s so versatile that it can be used indoor and outdoor. Unlike pressure washer, this doesn’t flood the area where it’s used. Although it’s a corded steam cleaner, it’s highly affordable also.

When it comes to the production of this product, the manufacturer included circuitry to it as to indicate users on the charging status, isn’t that awesome? Of course, it is. Furthermore, if you don’t like scrubbing then this product is recommended to you as it’s safe to use. This product’s container has durable feature.

We’re profound in breaking down the complexity of this subject by enumerating the five features of this product. In order to get all that you need, see the five selective features of this product.

PurSteam Handheld Pressurized Steam Cleaner Review | 5 Major Features

1. Design

This product is easy to lug around with the aid of its handle. So easy to covey; its dimension is 12.2 x 5 x 9.8 (L X W X D). The product weighs 5.3pounds for the maximum comfort of users. The handle is close to the mouth of the tank; also, the button is located at the top of the handle.

The continual press down of this button will definitely cause the perpetual spray of water. The container (tank) is capable to retain water of 250 ml.

Unlike many others, the filling of the tank is super easy. The opening is ample large and the cover properly fits well in order to preserve the heat content of the water.

2. Performance

The tank of this product contains 8oz of water, as we said earlier. But the fascinating thing about this is that it heats up water pretty fast. Once the cord is connected to power, there’s an indicator that notifies users that it’s connected.

Immediately the temperature of the water gets to 220, the indicator will automatically turn green. This means it has gotten to the highest temperature.

Then with the nozzle, you can spray the warm water on the stain, in order to help in the easy cleaning of surfaces. You can use the squeegee for this and nozzles flawlessly. Although it works perfectly well yet the downside is that it cannot be used for deep areas.

3. Versatility   

Have you got dirt to clean, grout to remove and bed bug to eradicate? Then this is what you need to have all these goals fulfilled. Without the use of soap, this can limit the number of bacteria in your vicinity, how? The application of hot water makes you live bacteria-free life.

Also, hot water lessens the stickiness of dispersed dirt around. In other words, this will help you in cleaning. Of course, all this is possible with the help of the attachable accessories such as nozzles. The nozzle helps users to effectively use this in clumsy areas.

Therefore, it paramount to know that this can be used to erase grease, grout, grime, mold, and stains. Just like other steam cleaners, you sincerely don’t need to scrub but wipe. In fact, wiping is just easy with this product. It’s just the steam cleaner that will provide you with the comfort you’ve always demand while working.

4. Packages

With one purchase, you stand the chance to enjoy nine accessories. The nine accessories are bent nozzles, straight nozzle, a nylon and iron brush, an extension hose, ironing brush cover, measuring cup and funnel. Of course, this is a corded cleaner of 5.9 power rate.

Also, it comes with an instruction book which is comprehensible. With the instruction book, it’s very easy to assemble and disassemble the cleaner.  It doesn’t come with chemical, but you can always enjoy the perfect use of this product.

5. Power

This product ensures your safety while using it. The cord is awesome with as it is 9.8 feet long. The cord is very well protected and it’s thick.

The power wattage for this product is 1kW and the frequency is 60Hz. The voltage for this is 120volts. Some customers agreed that they use this for with adaptor. So I guess you can use it for higher voltage if one is able to use an adaptor with it.

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Why Should You Use PurSteam Handheld Pressurized Steam Cleaner?

1. Easy to Use

Customers rarely have issues with the quality but the major factor they’re concern about is the level of comfort and the joy they derive why using it. This product completely settles the issue with its design. It can be used by teenagers and so on.

2. Ergonomic

This is one of the features every worker needs when using steam cleaners. The ability to lessen the hassle of lugging the container. However, this product has what it takes to enhance your convenience at work.

3. 9-Accessories

The accessories that come with this product make it awesome. With these nine accessories, you can work in nooks and corners of your home. The brushes also are awesome for scrapping grits and grouts.

4. Lightweight

This product doesn’t complicate stress hassles. Moreover, it lessens it with it lightweight. In other words, provided an aged personnel needs what he/she would use for sanitizing his/her home, this is recommendable.

5. Easy to Wash

Unlike many others, this product’s tank can be washed. The opening at the top of the cleaner is wide; this will help users to pour in and out of fluid. Another feature that this product possesses is that it’s durable and conserve heat for a long period of time.

  • Highly durable
  • It conserves heat for long period of time
  • The product has an ergonomic feature
  • It heats water very fast
  • It’s lightweight and it’s dependable
  • It comes with nine accessories for the proper use of the cleaner
  • The size of the product’s tank is 8oz and it’s easy to wash
  • The power cord used for this is long and thick
  • The handle conducts heat

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

  1. I’m falling in love with everything about this product already. Is this product durable?

Answer: Yes, it is. 90% durable, but if it’s well maintained.

  1. Can I order it?

Answer: Yes! You can. You can through the manufacturer or Amazon.

  1. Please, help me with the model of this product?


  1. What will I see in the box?

Answer: You see a handheld steam brusher and the nine accessories

Final Verdict

Although many buyers have become a victim of wrong purchase. But with the PurSteam handheld pressurized steam cleaner review, you can be pretty sure of purchasing a world-class product.

The review provided you with all you need to know about the product including the pros and cons. This is to make sure our amiable readers get nothing but the best in their pursuit of the best product.

If you ask around both near and far, then you’ll know that this is one of the best. This product is highly recommended.

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