How to Use a Steam Cleaner – You Need to Know


Cleaning of rooms in homes can increase the outward looks of home. But it takes the perpetual act of making sure that every surface in the house is spotless, that can cause a healthy living.

Furthermore, mere cleaning of home without the eradication of bacteria is equal to worthless cleaning. That’s why it’s advisable for every home to own at least a steam cleaner.

Provided you have a steam cleaner, and you keen to know how to use a steam cleaner, then this article is solely for you.

Steam cleaners are majorly used for sanitizing homes, cleaning of grout on crevices, stains from hard surfaces and grease. In other words, this uses only water to be filled inside its tank. Then the water will be heated up and it will be released in form of steam.

In case you’re in dilemma why you should use boil instead of steam. Researchers taught that steam is more effective than boiled water. Using the skin of human as an example, it causes scald compared to hot water.

In other words, steam is more effective than hot water in sanitizing and removing grouts from crevices. Of course, there are two types of steam cleaners and they’re wet and dry.

The differences between these steam cleaners are the dry steam cleaners have low pressure, they cannot be used for de-greasing heavy grease, they use accessories like brushes and squeegee for the proper cleaning of surfaces while the inverse is the wet steam cleaners. However, we’ll be considering dry steam cleaners only.

Why Do You Need to Know How to Use a Steam Cleaner?

  • The improper handling of triggers can cause scald
  • This article will help you to know the surfaces to avoid while using this product
  • This helps you as a potential buyer to easily know the essential features to look out for.
  • Improper preparation of the machine can cause an ineffective use of the steam on surfaces

Now, check out the norms to observe before using your steam cleaner.

8 Things to Consider about How to Use a Steam Cleaner:

1. Preparation

Get the machine clean before filling it with water

Put on gloves or protective clothes, this is to prevent accidents while carrying the machine

Fill the tank of the cleaner with clean water.

Ensure that the lock switch on the extension wand or trigger is perfectly locked

Provided your machine uses a retractable power cord, then make sure that it’s connected

Fix the plug into the power outlet or socket.

Switch it on

Wait until the circuitry indicates that it’s heated (some indicator change to red).

Once that’s done then you should be ready to use the steam.

2. Using the Jet & Nozzle

 Provided you’re using a trigger to emit the dry steam, makes sure that the hose is fixed

  • Ensure that the tank is close so that there won’t be effusion
  • Make sure that you’re putting on hand gloves that are super tough. The reason is that condensation occurs at the hose if it’s not well insulated (especially when the hose is lengthy), and trigger.
  • Make sure that the steam is not locked in the hose. The reason is that this will help you know the status of the stained surfaces
  • Make sure that you wipe away the stains on surfaces that have become succulent

3. Pressure

Dry steam cleaner generates low pressure compared to the wet steam cleaner. The zenith that a dry steam cleaner can go in its pressure is 150psi. But here are tips on what to use a steam cleaner’s pressure for:

  • Provided you’re working on grout, it’s expected you intensify the pressure.
  • It’s used to determine the amount of water that’s left (pressure decreases with the decrease in the amount of water)
  • If you’re working on stains, then you can reduce the pressure as there’s need for penetration of the steam into the pores of the stains. This will definitely make cleaning easy.

4. Accessories

Unlike carpet cleaner, steam cleaners come with accessories. Of course, the use of these accessories can be abused if users don’t know what they are used for. Here are the lists of the accessories that are found in each purchase and what they’re used for.

Squeegee: Squeegee is a flat smooth tool that’s used to control the flow of fluid. This has long handle that users can hold. This makes it possible to use steam cleaners on vertical surfaces. In fact, it helps users to utilize the quantity of steam emitting from it.

i) Extension wand/tube

Extension wand/tube are mostly used for outdoor purposes. It helps users to steam long distant area. In fact, this is mostly used for controlling pest and sanitizing ones’ environment. It can be stretched to a stabilized harness. Of course, it eases one from stress

ii) Sponge Pad

The sponge pad makes washing/scrapping of glint deposit and stains to be easy and prevent your glass from scratching. It’s made of flexible metal filaments. The design makes it superb to clean the stains/deposit without tampering with the underlying surfaces.

iii) Floor Mop

The floor mop is what makes the cleaning of the floor such as tiles, concrete, and wallboard with ease. The cleaning pad is large and the handle is always pretty long. With this, you can quickly cover large areas within a short period of time.

iv) Scrapper

Scrapper that comes with steam cleaners is majorly for tough/hard stains. Of course, this is not wet stain cleaner so it only softens the stain so that the cleaning will be easy.

v) O-Ring Set

This accessory is what determines the level of pressure in the use of this product. In other words, it helps users to prevent leakages and determine the psi.

vi) Storage Bag

This is used to keep all the accessories safe and secure. The storage bags can of nylon or any material.

vii) Dipstick

The dipstick is used to determine the amount of water that’s left in the tank. As this will help users to effectively use the machine.

viii) Utility Brushes

These are the brushes that are used to clean metallic surfaces and rust. These brush can be in form of brass, and nylon. The surface of these brushes are pretty small, but the can be used for scrubbing.

5. Accessory Replacement

Here are the pieces of information that will help you to replace your accessories.

  • Stop the engine from working
  • Remove the tool that’s in the hose
  • Check the tool you’re about to use and see if there’s no liquid left in it
  • If there is, you can release its flow
  • Check if the O-ring is still on the hose
  • Once you’ve confirmed that, fix the tool into it

6. Time of Use

The time of use is the moment that you’re utilizing the machine. During this period, there are some things to put into consideration. Here are what to put into consideration:

  • Make sure that your safety wears are still on you
  • Make sure that you avoid spraying the steam on paper, baseboards and sometimes drapes
  • Make sure that you don’t scrub. If eventually, you find the stain hard, you’ll have to give it some time.
  • Use the most appropriate tool for specific surfaces
  • Avoid spraying the fluid on your body
  • Make sure the hose doesn’t kink while you’re using it.

7. After Use

These are what you’re expected to do immediately you’re done with the use of steam cleaners.

  • Make sure that there is no water left inside the tank
  • Dismantle all the parts and place them in a safe place
  • Remember that some accessories are made of metals (ferrous), so it’s advisable that you don’t place them where there’s moisture
  • Make sure that it’s out of sight, especially from children
  • Clean it after use

8. Enjoy the Long-Term Use

Of course, if a product is well maintained, then you’ll enjoy the use of steam cleaners for long. The easiest way to enjoy this product is by adhering to this instructions.

In fact, you’ll be able to use the accessories for long period with the product. This product can keep your home clean and make you be in good health.

Final Verdict

Now, you know how to use a steam cleaner, right? Of course, with this information, you can use your steam cleaner for long. The truth is that steam cleaner is costly and luxurious, if it’s not maintained, one may not enjoy it has he/she ought to. However, you can use this both indoor and outdoor flawlessly with ease.

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