Bissell Pet Stain Eraser Cordless Portable Carpet Cleaner Review

Bissell Pet Stain Eraser Cordless Portable Carpet Cleaner ReviewThe proper way to live a healthy lifestyle is by taking care of the home, right? Of course, that’s the optimum desire of everyone. Come to think of it, cleaning of the house is not the problem, but the perfect machine for cleaning it.

For stain removal, what you’ll be looking for before purchasing a cleaning material is the product that will keep your home clean, provide nice odor, and will by no means harm your upholstery, rugs or carpet.

We understand this just as you do, that’s why we provide you with Bissell pet stain eraser cordless portable carpet cleaner review. The major reason why you should trust the purchase of this product is that we feel your plights with you on this and it’s our priority to help you out.

Nobody likes seeing dirt around the home especially on foot mats (carpets), couch, mattress, and upholsteries, why? Because they’re majors among the important properties in the house that are consistently in use. However, if you’re in need of carpet cleaner, you’ll need the one that’s cordless and lightweight.

This will help you to utilize the machine at any time with ease. Trust me, you can’t get it less with the help of this product which is powered by Lithium-Ion batteries.

Can this clean carpet 100%? Yes! But it only erases fresh stains only. In fact, it’s advisable that a vacuum cleaner should be used before this cleaner is used. This pet stain eraser can be dissembled and it can be assembled.

In fact, the construction of this product is superb that you can comfortably use it fifteen minutes after you had charged it. The charging of this product is awesome and superb as it comes with charging indicator and it charges pretty fast.

Bissell Pet Stain Eraser Cordless Portable Carpet Cleaner Review | 5 Major Features

1. Ready-to-Use Formula & Mechanism

This pet stain eraser is highly formulated that the water don’t have to be mixed as it comes with two spot & stain oxy formula for easy stain removal. This soap has nice smell that’s capable to make the cleaned spot smell nice. In fact, this machine works perfectly on upholstery and foams.

The tanks of this machine is pretty small but they are two. The tanks are known to be store tank and the recovery tank. They both carry out separate functions. The former is filled by passing water through the opening of the top compartment will the suction nozzle extracts the dirty water into the recovery tank.

This is to prevent the rug, carpet or upholstery to smell or becoming damaged. Trust me, this charges pretty fast within a minute.  And once it’s charged, you can quickly use it for the cleaning of your home.

The carpet cleaner can be dissemble at the compartment before filling it with water. Please note that hot water can’t be used for this cleaner.  In fact, the use of this stain eraser is pretty easier as it is 100% cordless. Therefore, users can easily use it around the home.

2. 3-in-1 Methods

The usage method of this cleaner is super easy and convenient. All you have to do is use these three superb methods. The methods are spray, scrub and suction. Once the surface of your carpet is stained, grip the cleaner on its handle, press the button at the top with your thumb.

The water will spill to the spot that’s stained. However, you can apply the soap before spraying or while spraying. Afterwards, use the brush at the nadir of the cleaner to scrub the spot.

Then, you can suction the water that’s sprayed with the suction nozzle. This will make your carpet to damp and not to be wet. Of course with these three methods, you can easily use the cleaner.

3. Grab-and-Go Design

Of course, everyone likes a product that is lightweight. Trust me, this product is Ultra lightweight. It has ergonomic feature and it’s highly attractive. Its dimension is 16.5 x 5.5 x 7 inches and it weighs 6.5pounds.

Almost every component of the cleaner is plastic; it has a handle that has a nice aperture. This product is a portable cordless product. In other words, users can conveniently use it at any point in time.

The brush underneath the cleaner is not too hard that it’d affect the upholstery of your couch and carpet. The cleaner is awesome with its apple green color.

4. Battery

This product uses two rechargeable Lithium-Ion batteries. These batteries are for the iteration models. The batteries are replaceable. In fact, the battery holds power for a longer period than others. In other words, you can enjoy the use of this product even without plugging it.

There’s a circuitry which helps in helping one to know the charging power limit of the product. The power rating of this product is 7.2volt as this is to enhance the comfortable use of the product.

5. 100% Comfortable Use

Apart from the fact that the product comes with full packages such as dual tank and spot & stain oxy formulated soap. It also have durable features that makes it unique.

Although it’s advisable that users should keep the stain eraser from children, yet it is production is of higher quality compared to others.

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Why should you use Bissell Pet Stain Eraser Cordless Portable Carpet Cleaner?

1. Lightweight

The use of carpet cleaner on stairs is awful. In fact, it’s a duty that an old person will surely prevent. But with this product, you can easily use it with ease. It won’t cause pain to your muscle at all.

2. Dependable

I guess you will feel betrayed when you get to know that the features are not true, right? Of course, many products may seem so, but this is highly reliable. The buttons are not hard to press and the design is super attractive that you’d want to use it as a gift.

3. Quality Product

Of course, this product is one of its kind. It can be used by young and old, weak and strong. With the use of this product, you can easily take care of your home and pet. It cleans very well as taught in this article.

4. Durable

The machine is made of plastic. But if it’s well maintained, users will enjoy the use for a long time. In fact, one can say it’s made for everyone’s use.

5. Cordless

If you’ve got a pet in your home, you’d want to use cleaner every now and then, especially when pets urinate on floor covers; that’s why this is recommendable. It doesn’t require the hassle of plugging cord to power. All you’ve to do is charge it aforetime then grab it later for use. It’s just pretty simple.

  • This is a carpet cleaner
  • It’s is cordless
  • This product is lightweight
  • It has two tanks
  • This utilizes two rechargeable Lithium Ion batteries
  • It saves up power for long
  • It has small tank
  • The tank is hard to clean

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is the difference between this carpet cleaner and others?

Answer: It’s lightweight and it’s easy to use

  1. I got my cleaner broken 2 months after purchase. Although I carelessly placed where it could be trapped upon. Can I get a replacement place?

Answer: Sorry, it’s not in our disposition to provide you with this information. It’s advisable to contact the manufacturer, please.

  1. My name is Joe. I heard that one has to charge it for 4 hours before it can be used, and when it’s used, it can be used for 15 minutes only. How true is it?

Answer: Thanks, Joe. It is true to some extent. However, it has circuitry that notifies whether the cleaner is full or not. You can use it even while charging it.

  1. Can this be used by a 5-year-old child comfortably?

Answer: No, it consumes a little bit of strength. Your 12 years old child can use it either.

  1. How durable is the wire?

Answer: Highly durable. Thanks.

Final Verdict

This article has provided the solution to customers’ unquenchable thirst for cleaning product that is lightweight and dependable.

The Bissell pet stain cordless portable carpet cleaner review impugns you who desires nothing but the best to opt for this tested and trusted cleaner. Irrespective of your budget, I’d enjoin you to use this that’s effective and reliable.

It provides you enough security and comfort during use. It’s perfect to be used in homes and offices. It’s currently one of the best in the market as at now. This is highly recommended.

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